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Acting Reel - Anthony Treble - SAG-Eligible Actor/Model/Host

Funny commercial spot for Parks HVAC I did with the multi-talented actor/voice-actor Tracie Frank.  Tons of 'sweat' and fun on set!

Mobil 1 new media spot w/ Tony Stewart, Kevin Harvick, Clint Bowyer, and others. That 'look' and clap at the end got me bumped up from an extra to principal. #actorslife

Freightliner commercial with several other featured actors, including 'Best Lead Actor' for "Point Man" at the Sydney Film Festival, Christopher Long. I'm seen first, in the middle, and last in this spot.  #humbled

Self-tape audition for a very popular Netflix series (can't say which one ;)).  I'm portraying a father.  Didn't land the role, but it led to several other auditions with the same casting company.

Self-tape audition for Brandon Bias Productions.  This portrayal is of 'The Boss', but I actually was cast as a paramedic in the independent feature, "The Bridge".

Dramatic monologue - 'Let Me Have My Music'. Originally written for a female, I wanted to put my own spin on it because it felt personal to me as a musician.

A commercial audition in Spanish for Maaco.  Fun stuff.  I had several callbacks, but missed out because of my Puerto Rican accent!  It's authentic, but not universal.  Great learning experience though.

Video adaptation of Commercial Voiceover/Radio Demo.

Animated video for my single "Come And Go With Me" featuring K. Omari.

There's nothing like attending a movie premier in a real theater!  "Broken Swords: The Last in Line" was screened at the famous 'Varsity on Franklin' theater in Chapel Hill, NC.

Public Service Announcement in Spanish for COVID-19 awareness.  Done at the request of my agency, Marilyn's Talent #humbled

Origin Story - Anthony Treble,

Entertainer - Educator

Piano acoustic cover performed to showcase playing, singing, and rapping for casting agencies and entertainment companies. Submitted through my talent agency, Marilyn's Talent and Modeling.

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